Event Ideas

Want to take action to Connect the Dots in your community?  Here are a few ideas:

For frontline communities If you are in a community that is already experiencing the impacts of climate change, we want this day to be a time for you to tell your powerful story to the world. We would be happy to engage with you to figure out how we can best achieve that together. We’ve talked with some groups who are planning to gather for a photo in front of a devastated part of their community to bear witness to climate impacts where they live, and there are many other powerful ways to take action. Please be in touch with us at impacts@350.org. For those who wish to stand in solidarity with front line communities If you wish to stand in solidarity with communities already experiencing severe impacts of climate change like drought, salt water intrusion from sea level rise, and powerful hurricanes, there’s a lot you can do. We call these idea categories “The Four P’s”:
  • Presentations: Use this day to educate your community, your politicians, and your media about the connection between the extreme weather we’re witnessing and climate change.  We’ll be providing materials soon.
  • Protests: Who isn’t connecting the dots - your politicians?  Your local media?  Use this day to make sure they can’t ignore this connection any longer whether its through a rally, vigil, or other creative protest.
  • Projects:  Take the day to organize projects to build resilience to climate change in your community, or to organize a community art project to create your own “Dot” and put your community on the global map.
  • Pictures: We’re asking everyone to think about a powerful photo of the action they take — whether its of a climate impact in their community, their art project, or rally. In all the photos, we’re asking people to make big signs and banners with dots in them representing the local climate impacts a community is experiencing or expecting. We’ll take all those pictures of the big dots, and connect them for a powerful photo-mosaic that we’ll deliver to politicians and media the world over.
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