Previous Updates For Event Hosts

The team at sends out an e-mail update and hosts organizer calls on a different topic every week. If you’ve missed updates or calls from previous weeks, you can check them out below . Organizer E-mail Update: April 30, 2012 - Presentation, Signup Sheets, and More
Hello Climate Impacts Day organizers, May 5th is only 5 days away and we’re excited for the hundreds of strong and engaging actions that are shaping up to take place around the world. We are so grateful for the organizers, like you, who have stepped up to connect the dots with us — thank you! Now is the time to put the finishing touches on your plans. Here’s a quick list of what you’ll find in this email:
  • Information on our next organizer call tomorrow at 8pm EDT
  • Check out the new Climate Dots downloadable presentation!
  • Building the movement with signup sheets
  • Photos, photos, photos!
  • Tell us your story
  • Starting a local 350 group

Please join us for our final organizer resource call: Tuesday at 8pm EDT (tomorrow!) join the discussion on getting all the final details in place for the big day. When: Tuesday, May 1st at 8PM EDT (Click the link to find out your local time) Who: Bill McKibben will join coordinating staff in talking about how Climate Impacts Day events are shaping up around the world and how to make sure that you’re fully prepared for 5/5. How: Click here for information on how to dial in and for the live chat link.
Check out the new Climate Dots downloadable presentation! If you were thinking about hosting a discussion on 5/5 about the connection between extreme weather and climate change, we’ve put together a slideshow, script and tips to help. Check them out by clicking here.
Don’t forget the signup sheets! Climate Impacts Day is a great chance to bring people together and build up your local climate movement. Make sure you print out plenty of signup sheets - available for download here - and have attendees sign in when they arrive at your event. Having folks sign in allows your own local group to grow (or begin!) so you can continue to do great work in your communities. And when you send your signup sheets to us afterwards we can add the names to the growing global movement for climate action.
Photos, photos, photos! You’ve probably heard us say this before, but that’s because it’s really important: we want to see photos of dots from your actions! Join our call tomorrow and tell us your photo plans or listen in if you need ideas. And don’t forget to brush up on these photo tips and creative dot ideas if you haven’t already. With these photos we’ll show our leaders that people the world over are connecting the dots between fossil fuel use and extreme weather - we need your help to get as many dots as possible.
Tell us your story The success of your Climate Impacts Day event isn’t just about the beautiful photo that you produce (although that’s a huge part of it!)—it’s also about the story that you have to tell about your community and how you’re dealing with or preparing for the impacts of climate change. Write to us at with your story or submit your story here using this form. Either way, we’ll find it and do our best to share it far and wide. Here are some suggested questions for framing your story, whether you’re sending something in to us or talking to the media on 5/5:
  1. What impact has climate change had on your community that you would like to share with the world as part of your action?
  2. What response has your community had to climate change already? What organizing or adaptation strategies has your community used to address the changes?
  3. What do you have planned for May 5th?
  4. Who do you expect will be attending your action, and who do you expect will be speaking or leading the action?
  5. What challenges have you overcome to make your action happen?

What’s next?: Starting a local group Does your group want to keep working for climate solutions well beyond May 5th? We sure hope so! That’s why we’ve recently launched an online organizing platform called 350 Local that allows local groups to initiate projects, launch campaigns, find organizer resources and much more. Thanks again for everything that you’re doing in your community to help connect the dots. If you need anything during this final stretch of organizing before Climate Impacts Day, please contact us at Onwards, Sara for the coordinating team  
Organizer E-mail Update: April 23, 2012 - Advice on Photos and Media!
Dear organizers, “People are starting to connect the dots.” That quote sounds like it’s from us, right? Not this time. That quote comes from Anthony Leiserowitz, a Yale University researcher, in an article in The New York Times. The article, which ran last Tuesday, details the findings of a new poll concluding that a large majority of Americans are connecting the dots between our recent weird weather and global warming. That’s welcome news for sure, and it’s set the stage for us to spread this message to the rest of the world on May 5th, with compelling visual evidence of what climate change has already done to our communities. Keep reading for more tips and resources on how you can publicize and document your climate dot! Here’s a quick list of what you’ll find in this e-mail:
  • Information on our next organizer call about engaging the media, tomorrow at 8pm EDT
  • Document your dot with a great photo!
  • Apply for a mini-grant! … and other helpful resources.

Please join us for our next organizers resource call: Engaging media for your Climate Impacts Day Event! When: Tuesday, April 24th at 8PM EDT (Click the link to find out your local time) Why and Who: Because media helps us spread the word on connecting the dots, featuring’s very own communications director, Jamie Henn. How: Click here for information on how to dial in and for the live chat link. Whether you can make the call or not, check out this short Media Guide that will help you to spread your Climate Impacts Day event far and wide. Key takeaway: start inviting the media asap!
Document your dot! Snapping a quality photo of your action is one of the most important elements of Climate Impacts Day. To take an awesome photo—and this is really important—you’ll want to confirm that someone with a camera will be at your action to snap photos. A professional photographer is great if you can arrange for one, but anyone with a good eye and a decent digital camera will do. You’ll want to check out these photo tips—including the part about how to get your photos to us—before the big day. Also, don’t forget to include a dot in the photo. Click here to see a list of creative dot ideas in case you need some inspiration!
Helpful Resources
  • Climate Impacts fact sheets
  • A regional map of U.S. climate impacts, courtesy of our friends at WWF
  • Apply for a mini-grant to help fund your Climate Impacts Day action!
Thanks again for the organizing work that you’re doing leading up to 5/5, and as always, please e-mail with any questions! Onwards, Sara for the coordinating team  
Organizer E-mail Update: April 16, 2012 - Recruit friends to join your organizing team for 5/5!
Dear organizers, As hosts of Climate Impacts Day actions, you already know that our warming climate is increasing the frequency and intensity of powerful storms and extreme weather events all over the world. Just a few days ago, we received this photo from high school students in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas after a dozen tornadoes swept through the highly populated area. Thankfully, no fatalities were reported, but this photo serves as a reminder of what’s at stake if elected leaders and the media don’t start connecting the dots, too. Now, we’re brewing up a new storm—a good one—full of hope, solidarity and, yes, dots of all shapes and sizes. The winds are picking up on our collective call for climate action as dozens of dots are added each day. But we can always pick up more speed by bringing in some new friends or organizations to join our teams!
Please join us for our next organizer resource call: Building a team for and from your Climate Impacts Day event! Join us tomorrow for an interactive discussion on using Climate Impacts Day to help build your local team, and how to work with your team to make the best dot possible on May 5th. Speakers include David Stember, a key organizer from one of’s strongest U.S. networks in Vermont, Aaron Packard, organizer of 350 New Zealand, and Marla Marcum, an expert on faith outreach and organizer for 350 Massachusetts. When: Tuesday, April 17th at 8PM EDT (Click the link to find out your local time) Click here for information on how to dial in and for the live chat link. If you missed any of the previous organizer resource calls, not to worry! Call recordings can be found here.
Don’t forget to update your event page! One of the first ways you can boost recruitment and turn-out to your action is to keep your online event page fresh and updated whenever you have new info. Folks are more likely to sign-up for your action when your event description is clear and concise so make sure that all your details are correct including the event address, time, and full plans for the day. Don’t have all your plans nailed down yet? Use your event description to ask others to join your organizing team! Just don’t forget to include your name and contact info (participants can also email you directly through your event page and vice-versa). Thanks for all the hard work you’re putting into your Climate Impacts Day actions, and as always, write to us at if you have any questions. Onwards, Sara for the coordinating team
Organizer E-mail Update: April 6, 2012 - Creative Ideas, Logos, and Images
Hello Friends, Thanks to you, there are now hundreds of dots - all over the world - registered for Climate Impacts Day. We’re now officially one month away from what promises to be a truly powerful day of action and we want to support you in planning riveting, creative events that reflect the magnitude of the climate crisis. Keep reading for tips and resources on getting artsy on May 5th!
Join us for our next weekly organizer resource call to talk about engaging art to creatively connect the dots! Thanks to all of you who joined us to chat about making a political impact on last week’s call. This week, we invite you to join us and our special guest speaker Kevin Buckland,’s Arts Ambassador, in discussing creative action ideas and how you can use art and vibrant visuals to connect the dots! When: Tuesday, April 10th at 10AM EDT & 8PM EDT (Click the links to find out your local time) Click here for information on how to dial in and for the live chat link.
Creative Action Ideas Incorporating art and captivating visuals is an effective way to help others connect the dots between extreme weather and climate change. We’re asking organizers to use the unifying theme of dots at their events and there are many engaging ways to do this, from land art dots to photo slideshows to dot dances. Check out the Creative Action Ideas list to help inspire you and get those creative juices flowing!
Logos and Images We know you’re working hard to spread the word about your event in whatever way you can. Why not spruce up your Facebook event page or leaflet with a sharp-looking Climate Impacts Day logo? You can download the logo in a variety of languages here. Thanks again for adding your voice to the millions of others struggling through the effects of climate change. May 5th will be a day of action and solidarity and we can’t wait to stand with you in calling for urgent solutions to the climate crisis. Onwards, Sara and coordinating team   P.S. As May 5th draws near, don’t forget to update your event page with detailed information on what you’ve got planned, so that folks in your community will be excited to join in and participate!
Organizer E-mail Update: April 2, 2012 - Event Ideas, Managing Your Page, and More

Thank you for registering a Climate Impacts Day event

You can find and edit your event page by logging in here.
Dear Dot-Connectors, Thank you for being one of the first people in the world to register an event for Climate Impacts Day on May 5! My name is Sara, and on behalf of the coordinating team I’m writing to offer our support for your event and to share some helpful ideas and resources. Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in this e-mail:
  • Action update
  • Join the first global Connect the Dots organizer conference call on Tuesday, April 3rd
  • Plan your dot - event ideas
  • Find some friends and create an organizing team
  • Make your event page pop

Connecting the dots has already started! Folks are eager to highlight climate impacts in their communities and stand in solidarity through creative action and education - take a look at some of what they’re planning:
  1. In Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands, organisers are running a 3-day climate leadership workshop finishing on May 5th. On the same day, a diving team will be taking a photo of coral reef affected by coral bleaching to connect the dots.
  2. In North Dakota, USA, park rangers will make a dot in front of a forest that has been destroyed by pine-bark beetles, a pest whose population is no longer controlled by appropriate cold.
  3. In London, they’ll be gathering atop Telegraph Hill, a historical site where threats from the sea used to be relayed inland, to highlight a new threat: rising sea levels.
  4. On mountains around the world (including Mt. Everest!) we’ll have banners connecting the dots about shrinking glaciers, and how climate impacts threaten billions of people who rely on these glaciers for water.
To check out other events registered worldwide, click here.
Join us for (optional) organizer resource conference calls, hosted weekly leading up to the day of action! The first call is happening tomorrow, and will provide tips and a space for questions for how to reach out to and make sure local politicians come to your event. The webinar will be lead by Dunedin, New Zealand City Councillor Jinty MacTavish and Policy Director Jason Kowalski. Day: Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 3rd Times: 10AM EDT & 8PM EDT (Click the links to find out your local time) Click here for information on how to dial in and for the live chat link.
Plan your dot - event ideas Whether you’re in a frontline community already experiencing impacts from climate change or are looking to stand in solidarity with those who are, there is plenty of time to plan a powerful connect the dots event in time for May 5th. Photos in front of devastated areas, educational film screenings, vigils or community art projects are all great options. More ideas can be found here. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to incorporate the unifying visual of dots. This can be anything from posters or banners to t-shirts painted with big, bold dots, people holding hands to form human dots or dots created from the remains of a fire or drought.
Find a FRIEND (or two, or three!) Our global organizing has taught us that one secret to the most successful events is to create a committed team of at least 3-5 people. Organizers have had luck building teams by asking friends and co-workers for help, posting to Facebook or Twitter and reaching out to likely allies in their communities. Click here for tips on sharing on event.
Make your event page pop! It’s important to have a clear and compelling description in your event page and to keep it updated as plans progress. Aim for about 3-5 sentences that describe your big vision for May 5th and how can folks get involved. Click here to log in and edit your event description. In the weeks leading up to May 5th, we’ll be at the ready with more updates and tools to help you connect the dots. Of course, never hesitate to write back to us with questions, and thank you again for registering your action for Climate Impacts Day! Onwards, Sara (and Anna, Molly, Aaron and the rest of the team)
Call recording from April 10th: Creative action ideas and using vibrant art to connect the dots Call recording from April 3rd: Getting elected officials to show up at your event!