Tree Planting Ideas

Visual suggestions for tree planting events on Climate Impacts Day

 Whenever people are planting trees, we are engaging in a metaphor - we are doing something small with the hope that it will become something big - which is a reflection of where the global climate movement is at right now, and what tree planting is like - doing something small and local to help grow something big and global. As such, ideas for creating ‘dot visuals’ at tree planting events on Climate Impact Day could be more poetic in nature (perhaps even get a local poet involved and paint some of their words onto fabric for a banner, for example: “Planting Hope in Fertile Ground” or “Planting Seeds of Change” or “Growing Hope“). Trees also are important because often they will live longer than the people planting them, so the people involved are literally acting selflessly – so the message could be “Planting Hope for the Future“. If you want to get even more poetic, you could play with the amazing connection that planting trees actually helps to stabilise rain locally, helping the tree itself and potentially other nearby plants, including food plants. It also may be useful to link to what traditional forms of communication (songs, dance) are strong in your local area. Perhaps the photo dot idea could just be people gathering around one of the trees and singing or dancing to wish it grow well. There’s also the idea that each hole you dig to put a tree in, is a dot, so perhaps you could find a way to connect the dots (holes for the trees) using strips of fabric - and in that way form an image or word. Perhaps the trees could be connected to form the image of a dot itself, again with strips of fabric or some other articles/items, or by drawing lines between the trees and making these visual for the photo image by using a different colour soil, sand, white lyme, or anything. In addition, if there is any specific corporate reason the area has been deforested, this may be worth pointing out either in the visual image or in the messaging given to the media. May this inspire you in your tree planting and dot connecting! The 350 crew